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In any large U.S. city as many as fifty languages are spoken freely. Communication breakdowns will occur. We spend millions attempting to effectively communicate and market an idea, a product, or a service, yet we fail to respond with relevance to the multicultural aspects of our endeavor. Technology allows us to communicate across the world in an instant, yet monolingual languaging is still the common tool to communicate across diversity.

A simple translation is the most common, cost-savings approach particularly if it's legal or technical in nature. In other cases, cultural relevancy is critical. What is required is an effective and appealing multilingual and multicultural approach one that speaks the language and culture of our target audiences.

Comadres offers culturally relevant communications - on time and within budget. Our team is a dynamic combination of professionals in linguistics, marketing, research, design/production, localization, etc. Our translators and interpreters are native speakers of the target language, accredited by the American Translators Association (ATA). All share multicultural backgrounds and experiences.

Our Services include:
* Translation & Interpreting into most languages
* Commercial translation
* Legal & financial translation
* Technical & medical translation
* Advertising copywriting
* Voice-overs, subtitling, recording
* Simultaneous & consecutive interpreting
* Conferences
* Full design/production services
* Multicultural Consulting
* Multicultural Research