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A creative graphic designer and a certified ISO 9000 organizational specialist, McGuan is an expert in effective team building and quality control-driven management. At Comadres, McGuan oversees design services but is also accountable for maintaining quality assurance on all campaigns and operations.

McGuan began his career at Exhibit Source, Inc., managing design and constructions of corporate exhibits. His client relationship skills soon enabled his promotion to Exhibit Consultant in charge of trade show design and client relationship development.

McGuan moved to Olympic Recreation as Art Director, where he developed and redesigned a new corporate identity package and product catalog for the company. He also created new package design for all products, and auxillary print material.

At Playmaker Services, McGuan began a construction and consulting company for playground installations. He secured nationwide coverage and built crews of local talent.

As Vice President of Quality Control at Kidstuff Playsystems, McGuan clearly identified company goals and objectives, and then spearheaded the development and implementation of a customized ISO program. His contributions greatly enhanced product design and production, increased employee contribution and efficiency and substantially reduced manufacturing costs.

McGuan received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphics Art and Advertising from the National Champion University of Alabama. Over the years, he has continued his studies in graphic design and organizational development.