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Comadres Inc. is certified as a minority- and woman-owned business enterprise.

Comadres, Inc. is a multicultural marketing communications firm that provides
integrated marketing, sales promotion and advertising services to companies
targeting both consumers and businesses alike.

We work in the general market but we also have considerable expertise
with new, emerging markets. We help our clients grow and prosper
by offering quality and value through effective marketing communications.

Our goal is to provide needed relevancy through insightful research; to identify
specific market needs and develop strategies which are in line with our
customers global positioning; to appeal to a diversified audience via integrated
marketing tools that reach customers powerfully while building lasting bonds.
We follow it up with creative that is intuitive, imaginative and results-producing.

Comadres and its predecessor, Burris & Evans and Burris Group Communications,
have been serving advertisers since 1969 -initially as a general market agency and
from 1987 as a multicultural agency.

Today, Comadres continues to serve both markets in all areas of marketing and
advertising both online and offline, We have been able to consistently maintain
long term relationships with our clients by creating in-language, in-culture
communications that empower corporations to build brand equity, achieve market
leadership and increase profits and traffic.

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