Consumers judge a product by its face value, by the “face” you put on your product in packaging and marketing materials. It’s especially critical then to give your image accurate expression, in multicultural communities here as well as in world markets.

Don’t let your message — or your market — get lost in simple content translation.

Your packaging and collateral materials must address in-cultural, in-language differences and idiosyncrasies to be able to push the right consumer buttons. They need to communicate cultural and linguistic factors to render them relevant, while remaining a cohesive part of your global personality and brand.

Package design is your first line of communication. It helps determine the success of your product from the minute it leaves the production line. What you put on the shelf must be powerful enough to move it off the shelf. It must reflect your image and your brand by speaking to your market and influencing its buying decisions.

That’s why you need Comadres. We’re experts in specialized multicultural and international marketing. We can take you well beyond general marketing capabilities — all the way to greater growth.

For more than twenty years, our clients, including Citibank, Sears, Kraft Foods, Marlboro, Gatorade, and Quaker Oats, have relied upon Comadres to generate successful niche campaigns and materials that are in-culture and in-language. With sensitivity to diverse nuances. With relevance to global strategies. With successful positioning that impacts their audience.

Multicultural Marketing At Home...

In the coming years, close to half of the American marketplace will be made up of minority populations.Research indicates these growing populations are not assimilating like other immigrant groups have before them. Instead, they are acculturating, embracing their roots and generating strong market segmentation. Savvy marketers need to develop campaigns to connect with these multicultural communities.

...And Localizing Abroad

It is easy to understand the huge potential of international markets if you consider thatjust the European and Japanese economies combined are much larger than the U.S. economy. Factor in the emerging economies of the rest of Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and you will quickly see that opportunities are limitless.

Companies that localize, that speak with relevance, will have the competitive edge. It’s imperative to adapt products and services to the cultural, linguistic, and technical requirements of a specific locale. To engage the multicultural marketplace with a culturally sensitive message.

Just say the word — in any language — and Comadres will help you launch a new product or refine an existing identity. Together, we can turn potential multicultural consumers into loyal patrons.

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